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Glides is your partner to manage your properties. Our mission is to increase the value of your properties by managing your properties with our ease and seamless technology solution. Whether you are individual or enterprise property owner, we can make sure that managing your properties, both in marketing effort and maintenance services can be done at your fingertips.


  • Are you currently grappling with the overwhelming demands of various marketing platforms, each vying for your attention and leaving you stretched thin? Picture this: a streamlined approach to marketing that effortlessly showcases your property across diverse channels, eliminating the chaos and ensuring your listings stand out effortlessly.
  • Moreover, the struggle to track every transaction process can be a constant source of frustration, hindering your ability to make informed decisions and optimize your property management strategy. What if you had a solution that provides real-time insights, a compass guiding you through the intricacies of transactions and empowering you to manage your property portfolio more effectively?
  • And let's not forget the challenge of finding reliable facility management vendors. It's often like searching for a needle in a haystack, consuming valuable time and resources. Imagine a world where these pain points are alleviated, where marketing is not a burden but a seamless process, transactions are transparent, and sourcing facility management vendors is as easy as a few clicks. Your journey to stress-free property ownership begins with a solution designed to understand and address your specific pain points.

Why Must Be Glides?

Stop looking elsewhere, let Glides do it for you. With our technology, you can have several benefits

Increase Marketing Effort

Embrace a transformative boost in your property marketing efforts with Glides. Glides not only simplifies the complex landscape of marketing but also ensures that your properties receive the attention they deserve. From online platforms to social media and traditional channels, our comprehensive approach maximizes visibility, making your properties stand out in a crowded market. Glides is your strategic partner, providing the tools and expertise to elevate your property marketing efforts, attract the right tenants, and ultimately enhance the overall success of your leasing strategy.

Increase Occupancy

Elevate your property's occupancy levels with Glides, a game-changer in the realm of property management. With a seamless and data-driven approach, Glide optimizes marketing efforts, providing insights that resonate with your target audience. The result? A significant boost in occupancy levels as your properties capture the attention of the right tenants at the right time. 

Flexibility to source Facility Management vendors

Experience unparalleled flexibility in property management with Glide's innovative solution. Our platform empowers property owners by providing seamless access to a diverse network of facility management vendors. Say goodbye to the arduous task of sourcing reliable vendors; Glides streamlines the process, allowing you to choose from a curated list of trusted service providers tailored to your specific needs. This flexibility not only saves you valuable time but ensures that your property maintenance is in capable hands. Glides puts the power of choice back in your hands, allowing you to enhance property value and tenant satisfaction by selecting vendors that align perfectly with your unique requirements.

How It Works?

Omnichannel Marketing

Glide's omnichannel marketing for properties streamlines the leasing process by integrating online platforms, social media, and traditional channels. This approach ensures widespread visibility and personalized engagement for potential tenants, creating a seamless and efficient experience. The result is a more effective property marketing strategy that maximizes reach and strengthens connections between landlords and tenants.

Data analytics and tracking

Glide's data tracking and analysis capabilities provide valuable insights for property leasing strategies. By systematically monitoring and analyzing data across various metrics, Glide enables landlords to make informed decisions, optimize marketing efforts, and adapt strategies based on real-time performance indicators. This data-driven approach enhances overall efficiency and effectiveness in managing properties for lease.

On Demand Facility Management Services

Glide's on-demand facility management services offer property owners a responsive and efficient solution for maintenance and operational needs. With a flexible and accessible platform, Glide ensures that facility management services can be requested and delivered seamlessly as per the specific requirements of property owners. This on-demand approach streamlines the maintenance process, reduces downtime, and enhances overall property management efficiency.

Who Should Use It?

Individual Property Owner

For individual property owners, Glides is the all-in-one solution to simplify property management. Our omnichannel marketing ensures your property stands out effortlessly, reaching a broader audience. With data tracking and analysis tools, make informed decisions, and optimize your strategy. Glide's on-demand facility management makes sourcing reliable vendors easy, streamlining your property ownership journey.

Developer/ Property Management

For developers and property management professionals, Glides is a transformative ally. Streamline your marketing efforts with our omnichannel approach, reaching a wider audience across various platforms effortlessly. Harness the power of data with our tracking and analysis tools, optimizing transactions and refining your strategy for maximum efficiency. Glide's on-demand facility management services provide a curated network of reliable vendors, simplifying the sourcing and management process. Elevate your development projects and property management endeavors with Glide's comprehensive and tailored solutions.


Glides is the key to unlocking a new era of satisfaction for property owners. With our technology and tailored solutions, the once complex landscape of property management becomes a seamless, efficient, and rewarding experience. From effortlessly marketing your properties to gaining valuable insights and simplifying vendor management, Glides empowers property owners to not just navigate the challenges but to thrive in the realm of real estate.

Your happiness is our success, and with Glides, the future of property ownership is brighter and more fulfilling than ever. We are here to synergize with you and bring your success to the next level.

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    Sopo Del Tower 20th Floor
    Jl. Mega Kuningan Barat III Lot 10.1-6, RT.3/RW.3
    Kuningan Timur, Setiabudi,
    Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta
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    Sopo Del Tower 20th Floor
    Jl. Mega Kuningan Barat III Lot 10.1-6, RT.3/RW.3
    Kuningan Timur, Setiabudi,
    Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta
    Indonesia, 12950